Creativity! Some people are just born with it, and Marc Gelinas, founder of Tasty WordPress, is one of those. Claiming his mother babysat him with art supplies, Gelinas recalls spending hours as a child with craft paper, glue and crayons.

Born in Schenectady, NY, to Canadian parents, as a young boy Gelinas lived in upstate New York and Ontario, Canada. When he was 10, his father moved the family to Albuquerque where the young Gelinas continued to nurture his artistic ability with drawing and painting classes and earned a degree in advertising design from the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver in 1985.

Following graduation, Gelinas headed to Chicago for more than a decade where he worked for graphic design and advertising firms, and had his own freelance advertising and design business.

In 1997 Gelinas relocated back to Albuquerque where he and his brother, a trained chef, opened a successful restaurant, eventually parlaying it into a specialty food company producing a dry version of a wildly popular spicy Green Chile Chicken Soup the restaurant served.

Gelinas grew the packaged food business into a national specialty food presence with an appearance on the Food Network and winning several prestigious food awards. Culminating in first place honors at the New Your Fancy Food Show, Gelinas accepted an offer to sell.

Gelinas now brings together a unique combination of design, marketing and sales knowledge to create dynamic effective websites and advertising programs that build communities and generate end results.

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