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Paeon Logo Design

Paeon Spine Resources is a project I recently started. This is for a local spine surgeon who wants to have a reference website for his patients, that will list service providers in New Mexico that he is current referring patients to for additional care. We will include listings for Physiatrists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and […]

Client Work Homepage

Lovabye Looms Website Build

With this website project, we set out to create a showcase website for Lovabye Looms to feature there one of kind handwoven creations. Most of the items are purchased as fast as they can be made (yes I know that’s a good problem to have) and are usually sold by auctions or draws on facebook, […]

Fine Tune Your Marketing Message

Hi, I’m Marc Gelinas founder of Tasty WordPress. Can I interest you in a possible website design, or redesign of your existing site, to include additional features and benefit that could increase the overall usability and credibility of your site…because this usually leads to increased sales. In these tough times, it can be hard just […]