Case Studies

Gud Hart Massage

The main goal was a complete redesign of the site to make it easier to browse while directing visitors toward the more profitable services offered. Also requested was the creation of a robust online appointment booking service.


G Med Spa

This client came to us with a site that had not been updated in quite some time. The goal was to redesign the site to include additional features and services that would increase the overall usability and credibility of the site.


Coach Maz

The immediate need was to launch an email marketing campaign to further market services to existing subscribers. Phase two will include SEO services and creating a series of targeted landing pages to generate new qualified leads.


Paeon Spine Resources

Paeon Spine Resources is a project I recently started. This is for a local spine surgeon who wants to have a website to direct his patients to, that will provide answers to frequent questions and provide information about service providers in New Mexico that he is current referring patients to for additional care.


Lovabye Looms

Lovabye Looms creates one-of-a-kind handwovens. For this business, Facebook has proven to be the best method to stay in touch with customer, and keep them up to date with the latest creations. They needed a simple and reliable method for collecting email addresses and directing visitors to facebook.


Logos and Theme Graphics

At the core of every companies marketing strategy is a strong logo design. It’s the first step in creating brand awareness, and an important part in any successful website project. Here are just a few samples of our logo design capabilities.