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Web Content Mistake #1

Visitors will leave in 4 seconds or less if your website does not immediately convey what you’re about.

Web Content Mistake #2

Website credibility is the number one reason most sales are made or lost. How does your website score?

Web Content Mistake #3

Not using WordPress? WordPress is web content friendly and used by over 18% of the top 10 million websites worldwide, and you should be using it too.

Hi, my name is Marc and I create custom WordPress websites uniquely positioned to speak within your target audience and communicate your core values.

Creatively designed to maintain continuity throughout all your web content marketing needs to help build trust and credibility in your brand.

Imagine thousands of people spreading the word for you. Finding these people can be tricky but you only need a few to get things started.

I’m currently taking on new clients and can usually begin new project within a couple of business days. I offer a FREE initial consultation so together we can figure out how best to achieve your web content marketing goals. Get in touch with me so we can get started.

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Tasty Web Development

Web development has been one of Tasty WordPress’ core focuses. Our experience and expertise in designing and developing engaging websites, positions us uniquely to serve your business needs better. Our rich web development experience, flexible business model, and fine-tuned processes can translate to high quality, and faster time-to-market, which usually means happy customers and increased revenue for your business.


Tasty Web Content

In web design content is information and experiences that should provide value for an audience. Web content is used to identify and quantify various forms of information as value-adding components that proves useful to the target audience. There is currently a high demand for web content marketing. With this comes lots of bad content. As we look to capitalize on the web content marketing rush, it’s important to distinguish good content from bad.


Tasty Web Marketing

Marketing. Some accomplish it visually. Some poetically. Others, by way of simple enticement. Whatever the methodology, real marketing encourage conversations around core ideas. A strong voice can influence without reason. Would-be marketers can monopolize a conversation with a one-sided messaging. But merely moving to the front of the room with a loud microphone or owning the podium does not constitute marketing.




Gud Hart Massage offers customizable massage services operating out of Truckee, CA. Specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Foot Reflexology, and Healing Touch.

Gudrun came to us with a desire to completely redesign her existing website that was many years old and greatly needed a fresh new modern look with updated web content and functionality.

Her most popular service is understandably the “Deep Tissue Massage” and she is extremely good at it. The problem is that it’s so exhausting to perform that she is limited in how many can be done in any given day. With that in mind, our main goal was to feature other services on her home page that were not as physically exhausting but equally as profitable.

Phase 1:

Since Gud Hart Massage never had an official logo design, phase one began with a professional logo development project. This was the first step in developing a brand identity strategy for her new website. Gudrun is a very spiritual person so we wanted to include that in the look and feel of her logo. The design that was ultimately chosen is based on a Native American prayer stone and included an image of a heart in the palm of a hand.

Phase 2:

Next we redesigned and built her new website to include a feature slider at the top to highlight the less straining but equally beneficial modalities of CranioSacral Massage, Lymphatic Massage, and Aroma Therapy.

Phase 3:

This phase involved incorporation of an online scheduling feature so customers could request appointment times online. This helped accomplish two main objectives. The first was to accommodate the growing number of clients that were begging for this feature, and the second was to free up time in the day away from the phone to allow for more billable services.

Phase 4:

Phase Four will be to add an e-commerce web content module to feature her retail collection of essential oils and lotions, also included in this content phase is a gift certificate feature. This phase is currently in production.

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…Thank you for all of the conceptual, organizational, and creative work and energy you are putting forth on my behalf. Wow! Bravo!

Gudrun Hartig, CMT Gud Hart Massage